Derkéta is a doom influenced death metal band from Pittsburgh, PA; known to be the first all female death metal band. The name Derkéta was taken from Stygian Mythology; she was the goddess of death of a blood drinking cult. The band was formed by Sharon Bascovsky (vocals & guitars) and Terri Heggen (drums) in late 1988.   Mary Bielich assisted on bass in 1991 but nothing permanent to complete a full lineup.   In 1991, Terri and Mary left to pursue other musical interests while Sharon continued Derkéta with the help of friends, mainly Jim Sadist from NunSlaughter.   In 2006 it was decided to reform Derkéta with the original lineup, this time with Robin Mazen on bass and Mary Bielich on second guitar.    In May of 2012 Derkéta released their first full length album called “In Death We Meet”, which promises to satisfy long time fans who have waited many years for a Derkéta album.  After the recording Terri decided to leave Derkéta to persue other interests.  Mike Laughlin who played in Creation is Crucifixion and Cattle Decapitation has replaced Terri on drums.    In 2019 Mary stepped down as a permanent member to focus on other business ventures.   Trisha Bill has been our back up live bassist / guitarist since 2013 and has taken a permanent position on second guitar.  This takes Derkéta to the present, the first time having a full stable lineup to record and play shows.

Rest assured there are no musical changes from the early days of Derkéta as we feel bound to stay true to ourselves and no others. Our musical beliefs are cemented in the early years of death metal and we will never be a slave to trends.