Latest News

Derkéta has confirmed to play 2 shows to close out 2022.   Brooklyn NY on Saturday, October 29th at Saint Vitus Club and Atlanta, Georgia at the Mass Destruction Fest V which runs Friday, November 4 - Sunday November 6.   Visit our "Shows" page for details and ticket purchases for both shows.

Merchandise is currently on order to restock inventory.   If you don't see your size in the design that you want, please check back around October 1, 2022.    Please keep in mind  we have no control over shipping costs.   We only have a few "In Death We Meet" double LPs available.   They will be sold at our shows while supplies last.     However, you can buy the album online through Hells Headbangers:

We  have partnered with "Season of Mist" for the "In Death We Meet" design.    They offer a variety of items for "Print on Demand."    They have webstores for the US and Europe which will save on overseas shipping costs.


Outside USA:

We are also working with "Pull The Plug Patches".    If you are in Australia and would like to purchase a patch, we recommend purchasing from "Pull the Plug Patches" directly to save on shipping costs.

 As some of you know, in 2021 our guitarist Trish Bill was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.   She continues to have treatments and will have her third surgery after we return from the Mass Destruction Fest.   Her prognosis is excellent and we look forward to her healing.   We will return to booking live shows in 2023 after she heals from her  surgery.

In the meantime, we have returned to working on our  new material.   Currently there are 8 new songs in progress, we hope to record our next full length in 2023.   We will focus entirely on the new material once we return from the Mass Destruction Fest.      

Stay tuned for details!